FlexDog Cookie Policy

What are cookies and why do we use them?

FlexDog is a platform on which you will find thousands of products of your favourite brands from dozens of selected e-shops. In order to develop the platform, we collect so-called cookies. Thanks to them, we can modify and develop FlexDog so that we are able to provide services that better meet your needs.

Cookies are text files that our website or the services of our partners send and store in your browser. When you return to our website later, your browser remembers the preferences you set or, for example, the login information you saved. Stored cookies help us analyze anonymized website traffic data and evaluate marketing campaigns.

You can either accept or reject the collection of cookies, or you can disable their collection directly in your browser. The procedure is described in the last point of this policy.

What types of cookies exist and which ones do we use on our website?

There are several types of cookies. We can break them down, for example, according to how long they are stored, according to the party that collects them or the purpose for which we collect them on the website.

Types of cookies:

Session cookies Session cookies only retain information about a user's activities for as long as they are on the website. Once the user closes the browser, the cookies are deleted.    

Permanent cookiesPermanent cookies remain in operation even after the browser has closed.

First-party cookies – First-party cookies are created and stored by the website you are visiting directly – in our case www.flexdog.com. The storage and use of these cookies is managed solely by our website.

Third-party cookies – Third-party cookies are created and stored by third-party partner sites in order to analyze website data and evaluate marketing campaigns.

Marketing cookies – Marketing cookies, through a third-party system, are used to target advertising to a user and thus provide you with personalized ads for our products.

Analytics cookies – Analytics cookies are used for purposes such as measuring website traffic and evaluation of customer behaviour. These cookies don’t collect identifiable information on visitors, which means all the data collected is anonymous.  Thanks to data provided by these cookies, we have the opportunity to gradually improve your user experience.

Performance cookies – Performance cookies are used specifically for gathering data on the functionality of the website and thus allow us to make improvements on how our website is performing. As with analytics cookies, these cookies don’t collect identifiable information on visitors, which means all the data collected is anonymous.

How to disable cookies in your web browser?

The collection and use of cookies can be restricted or completely disabled in the settings of your web browser, where you can also delete them completely. Because the exact procedure depends on which browser you are using, the links below show how to set the collection and use of cookies in specific browsers. 

Google Chrome



Internet Explorer a Microsoft Edge