You often ask

Can I have my e-shop/brand added to FlexDog?

Yes, but first you have to pass our team's approval. If you want to become a FlexDog partner, please contact us.

Are the products on FlexDog authentic?

Our partners are verified shops and we truly care about their selection. The authenticity of a specific product is always the responsibility of the specific seller. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of their goods, please let us know. Alternatively, please contact the seller directly to prove the authenticity of the goods.

Why should I register on FlexDog?

By registering and creating a profile, you get benefits and features that a non-logged-in user does not have. For example, the possibility to compete for free sneakers and clothes in our giveaways, but also other benefits. Simply set up a notification when a product changes price or is out of stock. Create your own collections and product lists by popularity or procrastinate on sneaker reviews in our Sneaker Seeker feature. This and many other benefits are only there for those who have their own profile.

What is resell and who are our resell partners?

Resell is a term for the resale of limited sneakers and clothing. The resell price is usually higher than the original retail price of the product. This is because these are very limited and desirable products where demand far exceeds supply in the market. Resell partners are shops that specialize in this reselling of products. They often have products that you can't get anywhere else at that moment.

Is resell the same as second-hand?

No, it's not. Resell is a secondary market where products are resold, but unlike secondhand shops, products from resell shops are brand new, unworn and packaged in their original packaging.

How long before my sneakers/clothes arrive?

Delivery time always depends on the specific partner you complete your purchase with. For specific delivery, please contact their customer support. They will be happy to let you know how long it will take for the product to arrive at your home.

Can I advertise my products on FlexDog?

Is it a sneaker, fashion or other flex related matter? If so, we're sure we can work something out. You can use our website or social media to promote it. Contact us at [email protected]

Can I work for FlexDog?

From time to time we are looking for new colleagues. And we are always looking for someone who is close to our project. If you want to work for us, follow our LinkedIn profile or email us at [email protected] and tell us what you would like to do for us.

What if the sneakers/clothing I'm looking for aren't on FlexDog?

It can sometimes happen. Products are often sold out, or we haven't discovered this particular item yet. Do you have a tip for us on a new brand? Send it to us at [email protected]

What size sneakers should I choose?

Our size charts can help you choose your size. Alternatively, try the customer support of a specific partner who will have experience with sizing.

What should I do if my size is sold out?

The easiest way to do this is to set up a restock notification. You can click on the bell icon directly on the selected product's detail page and simply set the alert. Once the product is back in stock, we will send you an alert.