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The North Face

One day in 1966, Douglas Thompkins and his friend, both enthusiastic mountain lovers, decided to open a small climbing shop in San Francisco. They have constantly expanded their range of durable equipment that can withstand freezing environments without harm. One day, they became the first store in the United States to offer everything from clothes to backpacks to tents. The founding duo never stopped looking for the best innovations. All this just so that you can explore and discover in warmth and comfort.

The best running shoes for demanding runners

The brand‘s very name The North Face suggests that this brand will produce high quality equipment. Vectiv running shoes are exactly that. They are light, but at the same time stable enough for trail running routes, where you will appreciate every support. Of course, they also excel in the technologies used, thanks to which they do not get wet but at the same time remain breathable. In addition, they look good and can be easily transferred from nature to the city as part of a lifestyle outfit.


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