2022 collabs that flew under the radar

Collaborations from this year that no one looked twice at.

Some collaborations flew totally under the radar. Some deserved it, some didn’t. That’s for you to decide. For example, can you (right now, without googling you sneaky cheater) name a Vans collab that happened in 2022? Or hey remember the Nike x Acronym collaborations from earlier? Those were fire. Expect this year, we got the Acronym Blazers, which, well, they didn’t hit the desired note they were aiming for. The Acronym Blazer lows came in a vibrant colourway with features like 3D printed heel part, dog tags, laser cuts, exposed seams and some quite tasteful branding. They were also accompanied by a clothing collections. Another brand, that didn’t fully grasp the potential of collaborating with anyone is Puma, they had some decent stuff, but it never quite worked as well as the other sneaker brands. The notable joint collaborations they did include Dua Lipa, Pokemon, Frosted Flakes, Rick and Morty and Diaspora.

Release Date


Acronym x Blazer Low "Black"

Product Code: DO9373-001
Nike Acronym x Blazer Low "Black" DO9373-001

Release Date


Acronym x Blazer Low "Night Maroon"

Product Code: DN2067-600
Nike Acronym x Blazer Low "Night Maroon" DN2067-600


Dua Lipa x Mayze

Product Code: 387294
Puma Dua Lipa x Mayze 387294