Be obsessed with adidas ZX range

Would this be the most read article in Berlin? Maybe. Germany is the promised land of the adidas ZX model. Berlin is the city where you will spot them in the queue for a kebab at most per square meter. Back home. We would appreciate it if these as yet underappreciated sneakers were given more space in the Czech Republic. They are the most comfortable kicks with a simple silhouette, that one can be playful about if prefered.

We have to start somewhere, so here is our selection of this year's models: the top. 


adidas x Sean Wotherspoon ZX 8000 "Super-Earth"

You can not make an adidas ZX chart and forgot to include what Sean Wotherspoon worked on. This is not clickbait, the sneaker really succeeded. It follows the trend of recycling, sustainability or DIY. Patchwork is also part of the design. Anyone who has been following Sean knows that patchwork is his signature. Perhaps thanks to that, the sneakers don't look like some marketing brainstorming result, which is always a big plus.

When searching for sneakers, look for the model: GZ3088


adidas x Overkill x Z 8500

We talked about Berlin here, so we must highlight Overkill collabo. Marc from Overkill spammed his own Instagram feed with these kicks and it's no wonder. He's appropriately proud of his work. If you are not that sneakerhead obsessed with colours, you may ask yourself what kind of luna park reflection is that(?!), but we believe that for some more experienced girls and boys it will buzz the graffiti nostalgia spring and bring back the memories of hands dirty from using the cans. What will not be dirty are the sneakers because you'll receive a protective "bag" with your purchase. Tightened in detail. There are so many details on the cooperation in general that it would suffice for a separate article.

When searching for sneakers, look for the model: GY7642


adidas x The Simpsons ZX 10000 "Krusty Burger"

Release with a playful design and some great details. Anyone who knows the Simpsons and Homer is their idol has no choice and simply has to add these sneakers to their shoebox. The sneakers are inspired by the imaginary fast-food chain from the show. They look like they dropped out of the TV into the living room. Do you hear the opening jingle already? If not, here are six and a half minutes of opening jingles lined up chronologically.

When searching for sneakers, look for the model: H05783



adidas ZX 8000 "Frozen Lemonade"

Last but not least, this underappreciated general release. Well, adidas sent out this summer colourway at the end of January so it's really a no brainer that most of us overlooked it. Anyway, these sneakers have a lot of fresh combinations for spring/summer, inspired by a light yellow model from the '80s. If Frozen Lemonade had a release today, every retailer would put them on their Instagram feed.

When searching for the sneakers, look for the model: H68010

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