Biggest names in the 2022 sneaker game

The most famous people and names that shape the world of sneakers and streetwear.

2022 has produced a few names, that turned anything they touched into pure gold. The first one is obvious, because bringing back a long forgotten brand isn’t anything easy, so Salehe Bembury, this one goes to you. The next spot is reserved for JJJJound, their collections with New Balance, Asics or Puma did great and we totally fell in love with them. They are unmatched in their ability to elevate almost every silhouette with proper added features, like quality materials and awesome colourways. The next big name in the game is of course Daniel Arsham, blessing us with his original and very artsy design vision that he brings to every project he makes. We also cannot make this list complete without mentioning Teddy Santis, the creative mastermind behind Aimé Leon Dore. Their work with New Balance has been exquisite, the same goes for their own clothing line garments.

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