Flex City: Best streetwear stores in Berlin

Sneakers, fashion, streetwear, flexstyle. This is a guide to the most interesting shops in Berlin. If you're heading there, these places are not to be missed. They are always on our radar when we have a trip nearby.

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany, and one of the largest cities in all of Europe. You can use the 600 km of public transport lines to get around and keep an eye on the local outfits. Thanks to Berlin's 'flatness', you can also cycle through it or put on a pair of comfortable trainers and set off on foot. Most of the places mentioned below can be found in just a few neighbourhoods close to each other. For reference, remember names like Torstraße, Kreuzberg aka X-Berg and Schlesisches Tor, you'll never get lost with that.

In the Flex City guide we've got tips on where to buy new sneakers, where to go to see brands you'll have a hard time finding elsewhere, as well as what to wear on your Berlin trip and where to grab a bite to eat.

GATE 194

It's not visible at first glance. You have to enter through a passage into the courtyard until a green wall with a giant GATE sign spreads out in front of you, letting you know you're in a special place. You can then head right and left, into two separate areas where you'll find a unique mix of brands. Luxury fashion, outdoor, sneakers, collectibles, luxury candles, jewelry and much more in just a few square meters. We encourage all curious people to chat with the local staff, who can show you lots of interesting details. The selection of brands here changes frequently, but whenever you come, it will be "top notch". Prepare to try on brands such as Casablanca, Acronym, Kenzo, ROA, Palm Angels, Rhude, Visvim and other quality pieces. And if nothing catches your eye, you can take a photo in the courtyard.

GATE 194

Voo Store

A luxury destination in Kreuzberg. More Berlin than Berlin itself. Just like in GATE, you have to look around a bit and not be afraid to go into the courtyard. Hint: look for a mirror or simply follow the nicely dressed people with Voo bags. Inside you'll find a generous and minimal space, greeted by green neon, a section of books and accessories, followed by a selection of sneakers and a long line of menswear and womenswear. Make sure you don't expect any kind of gender stereotyping at the Voo Store, that's not really the game here. Once you've seen it all, we recommend you grab a coffee right in the store, sit back and soak up the local atmosphere. What can you find all in one place at the Voo Store? Nike, Prada, Jacquemus, Acne Studios, Stüssy, Jil Sander or Miu Miu. There will be lots of locals, and tourists just like you.

voo store


On the border of streetwear and luxury. Shop on the iconic Torstraße, which you should definitely check out. It's a white and grey minimalist space with neon orange elements and a well-chosen playlist. Inside, a trendy selection of brands and products awaits you. You'll experience decision paralysis when shopping because everything looks great, but whatever you choose will be great. Pop in for Asics and Salomon sneakers or dress up in A-Cold-Wall, Daily Paper, Poshbrain, Aries Arise and more. There's a high probability you might be buying a new South Korean brand. The whole experience can definitely be summed up by the term contemporary fashion.



A legend of all Berlin sneaker shops and a big part of the contemporary European sneaker scene. At Overkill you'll find two floors of sneakers, streetwear and graffiti supplies. The sneaker selection in particular is really stunning, so give it some time and browse nicely pair by pair. In addition to the original store, there's a second Overkill right next door. This one focuses purely on women's sneakers and clothing. There you'll find shoes from adidas, Nike, Vans, Asics, On, Reebok, KangaROOS, Karhu, Salomon and more. Plus, you can expect to find them in-store on release day. 10/10 sneakerheads recommended.



Yes, you can find Sneakersnstuff in other cities, not just Berlin, but no city guide can skip a place this important. There's enough square meters to spend an hour picking out a new pair, but it's not so big that it feels impersonal. On the contrary, you'll feel like a welcome part of the sneaker game, too. Every day they add new men's and women's sneakers from Adidas, Nike, Jordan, Reebok, New Balance and more. Plenty of room to try on, friendly staff, great neon, your size in stock, custom SNS merch and apparel collections. This is what it's supposed to look like when you go shopping for sneakers offline.



Be careful when you walk by, it's a pretty inconspicuous space that you could easily miss. Inside Firmament is a small shop with one shop assistant. But it's amazing how much cool stuff you can fit in so few square metres. Muted colours and high quality workmanship, that's what you're in for. The lineup of brands plays out in the form of Stone Island, Visvim, Stüssy, Neighborhood, WTAPS, Awake NY and so on. Outside of the clothing, we recommend checking out the accessories and collectibles showcase, it's well worth it. Overall, you won't find a similar concept in many other cities, so be sure to stop by, even if it's just for 10 minutes.



Sneakers, sneakers and sneakers. Berlin's Solebox is one of the few stores that is more in the city centre. It's a small two-storey space where you'll find the top releases from the last few days all around the perimeter of the walls. Whenever you come in, you can be sure to find a top selection of New Balance, Adidas, Nike, Asics or Crocs. Solebox likes to showcase the top of the line products and limited editions or collabs here. As a nice bonus, you can expand your BAPE collection here with new Bapesta sneakers as well as clothing and accessories.


The Store X

A sprawling shop with its own DJ, café, reading area and an abundance of plants reminiscent of a botanical garden. The slow passage of time invites you to lazily browse among the counters and racks, where you can try on and buy new arrivals from Off-White, L'Art De L'Automobile, 032C, Byredo, Burberry, Martine Rose or Bottega. Like the Voo Store, carve out more than a few minutes in your calendar for this store so you have time to take in all the colours, scents and materials that mingle together. The Store X is part of the Soho House Berlin hotel, and if your budget allows, you can even stay overnight or grab dinner and drinks in the same building. We promise you will have the ultimate experience.

the store x

Extra FlexDog Berlin content

As such an important city deserves, Berlin is home to the flagship stores of most major brands. For the FlexDog team, the sneaker ones are primarily worth mentioning. Coincidentally, for example, the New Balance, adidas and Vans stores are within a few meters of each other. You can find new releases or collabs in all of them without having to try your luck at a raffle. If you're a fan of any of the brands mentioned, be sure to stop by and see what's new.

Since we've recommended a number of stores on or near Torstraße, we have to mention the new Supreme store. This Berlin one is one of the newest. On a normal day, it won't be a problem to get in and see if there's something you've been eyeing for retail.

supreme berlin

A special mention goes to the store of the Danish brand Wood Wood, which sells other premium brands in addition to its own clothing in its Berlin stores. In the pleasant Scandinavian store you will find products from Arc'teryx, Snow Peak, Comme des Garçons and New Balance. And that's what you want.

FlexDog Berlin outfits

We've given you plenty of tips on where to go shopping, trying on and looking. You can do it in a day, but we recommend at least two. You're probably covering a lot of mileage and you're in Germany, so show some respect and wear your adidas sneakers. When else but now. We suggest something like the adidas ZX 8000 Aqua. If you don't have them, reach for something like the CL Response, Hochelaga (Gazelle, Samba) or bet on the comfort of the UltraBoost DNA.

Release Date

adidas Originals

ZX 8000 OG "Aqua"

Product Code: EG8784
adidas Originals ZX 8000 OG "Aqua" EG8784

adidas Performance

Ultraboost 5.0 DNA

Product Code: GV8747
adidas Performance Ultraboost 5.0 DNA GV8747

adidas Originals

Response CL

Product Code: GZ1561
adidas Originals Response CL GZ1561

Now that your sneakers are on, let's find a top to go with them. One way to go is totally low-key, with a Stone Island Crewneck or Dickies Coach Jacket. The other option is to branch out and wear something bold like a pop of neon, anything furry or mesh. Enjoy the feeling of being in a city where everyone encourages a distinctive style of fashion and it often feels like one never-ending techno party.

Stone Island

Brushed Cotton Crew Neck Sweat

Product Code: 771563020-V0029
Stone Island Brushed Cotton Crew Neck Sweat 771563020-V0029


Oakport Coach Jacket

Product Code: DK0A4XEWBLK1
Dickies Oakport Coach Jacket DK0A4XEWBLK1

Marine Serre

Regenerated Second Skin Top

Product Code: T068SS23W-07
Marine Serre Regenerated Second Skin Top T068SS23W-07


Sport T-Shirt

Product Code: 3021W504
MISBHV Sport T-Shirt 3021W504


Berlin Box Logo Tee

Product Code: FW21T58 WHITE
Available in marketplace
Supreme Berlin Box Logo Tee FW21T58 WHITE

New Era

Patterned Tapered Bucket Hat camo

Product Code: 60222539
New Era Patterned Tapered Bucket Hat camo 60222539

Brain Dead

Readers Fur Jacket

Product Code: BDW22O15002601BR01
Brain Dead Readers Fur Jacket BDW22O15002601BR01

Gastro tip

There are hundreds of great places to try for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Berlin. Everything from streetfood to Michelin-starred restaurants. But in the end, everyone meets in one place, and that's Burgermeister. We recommend their places near the S-Bahn stations Schlesisches Tor or Kottbusser Tor. Both are on your way to the shops we mention here. One branch is a short walk from Overkill and GATE, the other near the Voo Store.