Love it or Hate it?

You either love them or you hate them, there's no other way.

This year included some of the most polarizing releases we’ve ever seen. First of all, we got the luxury x streetwear stuff we talked about before. But mainly this part is about the boom of two brands. Weŕe thinking about UGG and Crocs. Right now you are either cheering with your top of, or you are suddenly feeling nauseous.

The UGG came back with the first falling leaves of autumn, while the Crocs hit the streets when the temperature outside was at its highest. The classic UGG shoes deliver perfect warmth and comfort for your foot, thanks to the soft sheepskin inside of the shoe. Try them with some “boyfriend” jeans and thank us later.

The Crocs Clog is a legendary shoe we became to love in our school years and the love survived all these years. Perforated upper ensures good air ventilation and used materials provide maximum level of comfort and durability. If your about to run, don’t forget to put them in the “sport mode”. Both these brands were at their peak some time ago and suddenly, like a thunder from a clear sky, came back. Crocs were brought back to life thanks to their good choices when it comes to collaborations, like Pleasures, Salehe Bembury, Palace, Post Malone, Justin Bieber or Chinatown Market. The UGGs on the other hand, were brought back with a little help from Tik Tok trends like “cool girls wear UGGs” and suddenly you got all the it-girls wearing them, including Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner or Emily Ratajkowski.


Oh Fluffita

Product Code: 1120876-BLK
UGG Oh Fluffita 1120876-BLK

Release Date


Salehe Bembury x Pollex Clog "Kuwait"

Product Code: 207393-6RL
Crocs Salehe Bembury x Pollex Clog "Kuwait" 207393-6RL

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Salehe Bembury x Pollex Clog ''Crocodile''

Product Code: 207393-30T
Crocs Salehe Bembury x Pollex Clog ''Crocodile'' 207393-30T