Score & Order 1/21

HERE IT IS, what no one has been asking for, but we are giving it to you anyway. Our regularly scheduled evaluation of sneakers, that will whip up a good dose of emotion in you. We’ve asked couple of people, who are not afraid to give the sneakers the right score and don’t care about the number of likes under a photo, to join our jury. In the first issue, you will find out what Radim, Homer, Kazi or Nikola from Queens think of these models.


adidas Superstar x BAPE "ABC Camo"


Radim: BAPE has never in its collab history made an outright hideous sneaker. And so, these Superstars look completely fresh, even though the big return of this silhouette last year turned out to be quite shite.

Score: 7/10


Homer:  Probably the most successful collab of adidas and BAPE, what’s great is that they allowed them to use that star from Bapestas on the Superstar - of one of my favourite adidas models.

Score: Homer is not one for numbers. He left out the scoring in the first round, but we take it that his comment is more than just a score. In addition, he submitted his comments as the very first of the entire jury. Which we give him props for.


Nikola from Queens: I appreciate the interesting variation on camo (Can you see the roses in there too?) and the reference to their first ever collab, but it's little too wild for me personally.

Score: 7/10


Kazi: Let me start by citing the text of one of the leading Czech artists: “You are not a soldier boy, take off those camo pants”. In my humble opinion, BAPE is a great brand and I missing Bapestas in my collection a lot, but Superstars should stay where we all remember them, in the year 2010. Not even the funky treatment from a streetwear giant like BAPE could help with this attempt of reincarnation of this model.

Score: 3/10


Nike Vaporwaffle x Sacai „Dark Iris“


R: The first two Nike x Sacai drops are still on my bucket list of sneakers that I would like to buy one day. At that time, I took part in a few raffles, caught a few L’s, and can’t stop think about them since. To me it feels like Nike and Sacai are trying to unnecessarily milk this collab dry. Each orange has only a certain amount of juice and it is no longer possible to squeeze this piece.

Score: 4/10


H: The sole is cool, but I can't see this model on my feet at all, the colours neither please nor offend, but the details on there are quite nice.

Score: -


N from Qns: I love Sacai and I love this collab. Perfect colours on a perfect sneaker (and again there’s a floral theme, isn't that a coincidence?).

Score: 10/10


K: These is no doubt that there is a banger after a banger coming out of the Sacai workshop. Not a bad word can be said about the silhouette (unless your shoe size is larger than 41 and you do not want to own a weapon of mass destruction), but I was not very thrilled with the choice of colours of this last release. They either planned it for Halloween, or the design team played darts on a colour wheel.

Score: 5/10


adidas Originals Forum 84


R: If these sneakers were given to the marketing department of the Aimé Leon Dore brand with the task of making a great campaign for them, their score would be 9/10 for most people in this jury. Because adidas Originals Forum 84 are great clean sneakers that in my eyes deserve a little more love and care from adidas and could become "the most wanted" for a number of sneakerheads.

Score: 7/10


H: The Forums have a nice silhouette that could have a chance to compete with the Air Forces, but adidas has not unlocked their full potential yet, I also have none at home, which means that no nice colourway has hit me yet, this is another of those cases 😃

Score: -


N from Qns: This is a well retro, I totally just remembered my elementary school P.E. classes. But I quite enjoy it, the creamy tones are pleasing to the eye and I don't mind the velcro either.

Score: 6/10


K: In my opinion, this is the path that adidas should stick to. We know that those retro sneakers just work for them. Forums are ideal shoes for retro kids who collect vinyls, get mullets cut and read Kafka at Letná. I like em.

Score: 7/10


Air Jordan 1 Zoom „To My First Coach“


R: Release, that I will forget next week. As well as 99% of the releases of all Air Jordan 1 in the last year and a half, which are not the high OG.

Score: 2/10


H: Naaaaaaaah man.

Score: -


N from Qns: My heart skips a beat cause this colourway is just so fine tuned. Yeah, I definitely understand the crazy hype around this fresh Jordan 1 release.

Score: 9/10


K: Absolutely ideal sneaker colourway if you are 12 and wanna go on the Ferris wheel and get cotton candy after. Otherwise, it’s a no from me. Thank you Nike the rest of us will wait for some nice calmer colourway, which does not evoke feelings of Easter decoration in the shops.

Score: 4/10


In this round, you got the evaluation form the following jury members:

Homer aka the one you know well from TheMag, because he does top reviews and interviews for you. Homer is also a member of The Streets, and instead of giving you the full rundown, we'll link you to his Instagram profile that says more than a thousand words. Follow @homer812.

Radim is in the starting line-up of The Streets, where he has the position of a Point Guard. He also shares his team's jersey with The Mag and scores on his own with his own podcasts and zine the Tradeshow. He’s also an OG of the local sneaker scene.

You know Nikola from Queens well, because she sends you pimped out newsletters even before Honza from Footshop, who, just like her, is a member of our jury. They both love sneakers and together they send their recommendations to as many people in the Czech Republic as almost nobody does. PS: Yes, they don't date.


In the next Score & Order, you will also find scoring and opinions from Kovo, Dom or the Honza from Footshop himself. And maybe one day you will evaluate sneakers too!