Score & Order 2/21

The second part of the most honest sneaker review on the Czech internet is here. The deadline for submitting the score was relentless, as was our jury. This time it consisted of Radim, Homer, Dom, Kazi and Honza from Footshop. There were sneakers from Nike, adidas and New Balance. In the first round, we’ve learned that the adidas Superstar should stay in 2010 or that Nike is trying to milk the Sacai collab dry. This time, too, there will be no shortage of emotions. We will find out who has the crush on Yoon Ahn (editor's note: me) and which sneakers will end up on the outlet shelfs in half a year.


Nike x Ambush Dunk High Deep Royal


Radim: If the world of streetwear and sneakers has been at Virgil's feet for the last 5 years, then this spotlight will belong to Yoon Ahn from Ambush for the next 5. These Dunks are a great twist between history and the present, and it seems to me like a better modification of a classic model than a plastic tag.

 Score: 8/10


Homer: Dunks don't need to be modify into any such crazy models, me no likey.

Score: 2/10


DomSkywalker: I like the original silhouettes in a modern design, but here in that case I feel a strong influence of Yoon. - The design of the sneakers looks pretty feminine to me.

Score: 8/10


Kazi: I love high Dunk a lot and this release has been extremely successful in my eyes. I'm glad that after the pink madness, AMBUSH came up with a great colourway again.

Score: 8,5/10


Honza z Footshopu: I'm really glad that it's not just "another Dunk colourway", but that AMBUSH managed to give this model a great surface update, led by the stick out Swoosh logo. The collaboration looks as if someone from 1985 was on a trip to the present, fell under the spell of techwear, and came back to demonstrate it on the current silhouette.

Score: 8/10



adidas ZX 6000 / XZ 0006 Inside Out Pack Blue


R: A release, which I think will only work in Germany. I don't really know why it should succeed anywhere else in the world. I enjoyed the adidas Ultra Boost more in the classic ZX colours way more.

Score: 2/10


H: Yeah, this retro futuristic style is cool, but overall, this silhouette is not my cup of tea, the adidas running shoes go completely beyond me, but within this category, they are fine.

Score: 4/10


D: I'm not often a fan of ZX silhouettes, but where there is an '' Aqua '' colourway, it always works.

Score: 7/10


K: So, I saw these ZXs for the first time now, when I looked them up and I will see them for the second time, in half a year on the outlet shelfs. Sorry not sorry, it’s a no from me.

Score: 1/10


H z FTSHP: adidas had to run out of its retro models that they could recycle to understand that this was not the right way to go. This year's event with the release of the ZX series, on the other hand, is full of great moments, and the Inside out pack is one of them.

Score: 7/10

adidas ZX 6000 / XZ 0006 Inside Out Pack Blue


New Balance x Casablanca 327

πŸ‘‰πŸ» MS327CAA

R: Charaf Tajer is an extreme dude. I have been following his Casablanca brand since day one and all the collabs with New Balance were top-notch.

Score: 9/10


H: I can't evaluate this objectively because it’s absolutely out of my field of expertise, next time give me some DCs, and we can talk πŸ˜ƒ

Score: -


D: This silhouette reminds me a lot of Veja sneakers. As for the colourway, it's a sneaker I'd buy for my girl. I can't imagine this shoe in US13. πŸ˜ƒ

Score: 5/10


K: This model just works; it looks beautiful on everyone I've seen so far. Personally, I'm not a fan of small prints on sneakers, but I don't mind this one that much. I also think it’s great that their design shows tastefully crafted elements of Charaf Tajer's cultural heritage. The colours are great, the materials (from the visuals) also look quite good, the only thing I don't like is the perforated white leather, I find it a bit too golfy.

Score: 6/10


H z FTSHP: Personally, I haven't quite acquired a taste for the 327 yet. But here on these sneakers I enjoy the very aristocratic vibe, which is non-violently confirmed by the golden lace tips.

Score: 5/10


New Balance x Casablanca 327


In this round, you got the evaluation form the following jury members:

Homer aka the one you know well from TheMag, because he does top reviews and interviews for you. Homer is also a member of The Streets, and instead of giving you the full rundown, we'll link you to his Instagram profile that says more than a thousand words. Follow @homer812.

Radim is in the starting line-up of The Streets, where he has the position of a Point Guard. He also shares his team's jersey with The Mag and scores on his own with his own podcasts and zine the Tradeshow. He’s also an OG of the local sneaker scene.

Kazi is a femme fatale of the Czech sneakerhead scene. She won’t say no to a good Jordan one and her collection of sneakers will be one of the best in the Czech Republic in the girls' category. Kazi also takes some nice pics, see for yourself @kazidko.
Dom has been moving among sneakers for some time now. He is currently part of the Footshop and Skedda team. You will know his face and voice from the Footshop YouTube channel. But he also does other great things that you can find on his Instagram @domskywalker.

It's finally here, we're revealing the real identity of Honza from Footshop. Honza is a boy of flesh and blood who writes for Footshop, The Mag or Dr. Weed. He has been forming a close relationship with his beloved community since 2015, when he decided to quit sports and through the website he began to devote himself fully to what his favourite MCs were constantly raping about in his headphones. Follow @honzisko_n.

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