Score & Order 3/21

In today's episode of our regularly scheduled Score & Order, you will find one highly anticipated release from Nike, a tip for an everyday sneaker from New Balance and an underrated model from Reebok. As a bonus, we also had the jury evaluate the "slip-on wellies" from Vans, because this is exactly the type of shoe that can be quite divisive. Some automatically pack them in their suitcase for their summer vacay and others roll their eyes and do not take off their Jordan 1 even while walking on the beach. Among the jurors is a new face, Kovo, who is a newcomer to Score & Order, but he is definitely not a newcomer when it comes to sneakers. So, in his first paragraph, he already leaks some news. So go on, read on.


Nike Dunk Low „Scrap“

πŸ‘‰πŸ» DB0500-200

KOVO: 9/10

I think this is a great refresh of Dunks, as I really like sneakers that are quite busy and stand out in a crowd. I really like the elements that are new there and I appreciate the approach of using scrap materials (if that truly is the case) in non-specific shapes. I deduct one point for a simple reason of them coming out with this sneaker before my project, which is just in production and I chose a quite similar approach, and it will soon drop in Footshop. πŸ˜ƒ

nike dunk scrap sneakers


RADIM: 1/10

Dunks are not a silhouette that can handle much experiment. And this one really didn't work out. A stupid mix of materials, an even stupider colour combination and that weird tape on the tongue definitely make it the dumbest release of the current season.



Just another Dunks in another colourway, that are simply just trying to get your money. For me the Dunks are uncomfortable low and flat skate shoes. But I appreciate the muted colours, that’s all.



That sneakers that are the complete opposite of the word "clean" can look "clean"? This release proves that it can be done.


nike dunk scrap sneakers



New Balance 2002R

πŸ‘‰πŸ» ML2002RQ

KOVO: 5/10

Too much of a dad-shoe approach for my taste. I like this type of NB's but the silhouettes from the 9xx series are more likeable to me. The colours are quite similar to the shoes I wear on the daily, but the silhouette does not spark joy for me to buy them.


RADIM: 4/10

Not every dad shoe from New Balance is automatically great, man. New Balance simply has better models of sneakers, this is also the 3rd league in terms of performance at NB.

new balance 2002r sneakers



Great sneakers for a barbecue with friends. And also, an ideal shoe for people who like to go to Berlin and read Highsnobiety.



If I were a marketer at New Balance, I would be releasing these shoes on International Father's Day.

FlexDog responds πŸ—―: International Father's Day is on June 20, so don't hesitate and get them for your dad now.

new balance 2002r sneakers



Reebok Question Low „Green Toe“

πŸ‘‰πŸ» GZ0367

KOVO: 7/10

From Reebok basketball silhouettes, I have always really liked the Question with their relatively unique approach to design. The low top version is even nicer to me, as I personally don't need high top sneakers (although it definitely fits more somewhere). As for the colour and material design, it strikes me as a nice homage to the OG basketball theme, as is probably the goal of this release, but on the other hand, I would accept perhaps a little more performance intervention to update the concept.


RADIM: 7/10

Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen PE’s for those who aren't Jumpman only stans. Questions are one of the most underrated Reebok sneakers.

reebok Question Green Toe



So, all you need to wear with these shoes is wide pants and a green NY Yankees snapback to make you feel like the real gangsta. Good in the past, but I wouldn't pull it out again.



I can't help myself, but when I look at all the other Reebok Questions they all seem quite unsatisfactory in comparison to the recent collab with BBC.


reebok Question Green Toe



Bonus: Vans Trek Slip-On

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Vans Trek Slip-On


Unfortunately, I learned that the commercial success of this silhouette is unexpectedly high, but for me as a slipper lover for the summer months, this crocs-oid approach is a no-go (despite the hype that is currently being developed around crocs). So, my answer to the question is clear - yes, unfortunately these will be the most worn shoes at Mácháč. πŸ˜ƒ



Maybe for Mácháč, but in addition to Yeezy Foam Runners, Merrell Hydro Moc will be the insider's summer shoe of the year. 



Do you like to walk in water and hate Crocs? Buy these Vans and you'll be fine (that would actually be a great claim). πŸ˜ƒ (Editor's note: Yes it would, we’ll use it, thanks!)



In Croatia, maybe in the water as a defence against sea urchins, but otherwise I would save them until the winter. If I ran out of wood for the fireplace.

vans trek on



In this round, you got the evaluation form the following jury members:

Kovo is a clearly a sneakerhead. How else to describe a person who runs @1000sneakers? He has a lot of creative projects in Footshop. The most visible are the kangaroo sneakers with the KangaRoos and adidas brands. The annual release of adidas Superstar x Footshop is really a milestone in the Czech sneakers scene. PS: You could see and hear Kovo in the latest TheMag Talk on the theme of Nike Air Max Day.

Radim is in the starting line-up of The Streets, where he has the position of a Point Guard. He also shares his team's jersey with The Mag and scores on his own with his own podcasts and zine the Tradeshow. He’s also an OG of the local sneaker scene. He can send not only praise but also harsh criticism to our Score & Order. Follow @radimstezka.
It's finally here, we're revealing the real identity of Honza from Footshop. Honza is a boy of flesh and blood who writes for Footshop, The Mag or Dr. Weed. He has been forming a close relationship with his beloved community since 2015, when he decided to quit sports and through the website he began to devote himself fully to what his favourite MCs were constantly raping about in his headphones. Follow @honzisko_n.
Nikola from Queens has been sending you pimp-out sneakers newsletters for longer than you’ve been collecting sneakers. Here you can also find out her opinions on individual models. It is said that Niki has already broken many sneaker hearts, so hopefully this fate will not befall you.
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