Score & Order 4/21


Nike Air Max Furyosa NGR

👉🏻 DC7350-001

KOVO: 8/10

For a long time now, I've been fascinated by Nike’s approach to experiments with new female silhouettes, it's done exactly how I think the innovative silhouettes should look like. This shoe is no exception and I extremely enjoy the stacked design from both the sole and the features that are on the upper of the shoe. Of course, I also have a weakness for unnecessary decorative lacing, which adds another great level of depth.


RADIM: 5/10

In general, I am a fan of futuristic silhouettes and models, on which their designers try to express themselves, but at the same time they put emphasis on the sales side of things. Although these ones are more of a "naah" than "yeah".



I haven't seen anything so strange in a long time, but I like the shoelaces!


nike DC7350-001



Nike ACG Mountain Fly Now

👉🏻 DJ4030-001

KOVO: 5/10

I wore the Mountain Flys almost every day and night in the winter, but I don't enjoy this spring / summer colour alternative at all. I understand that it is necessary to make colour variations, but in this case, it misses the point and I find that the colourway will be very difficult to match with anything outside of this seasonal ACG capsule, which still does not contain many things that would work together.


RADIM: 5/10

I'm not completely a fan of the colour combo, but otherwise I enjoy most ACG models, so I can imagine these as hiking sneakers or for the city in October.



I can already see myself climbing the mountain tops in these. ACG is the best nature-wear, and this is just another proof.

nikeacg DJ4030-001



Nike Air Max 96

👉🏻 DJ6742-200


KOVO: 7/10

I don't mind this silhouette and it looks like a nice change to the Air Max line-up. Specifically, this colourway is quite wearable and beautiful in detail, both in colour and material, but I'm still not sure if I would prefer them over something else when choosing new kicks. But I believe that there will be a number of people who will fall head over heels for them.


RADIM: 3/10

Quite possibly my least favourite silhouette from the entire Nike Air Max 9X range. OG colourways are kinda ok, I would actually like to have them in my collection, but any other colour combos will probably hardly appeal to me.



The 96 model is a bit forgotten, and in my opinion quite logically. But I think their time will come. In 2 years, max 3 years.


air max 96 DJ6742-200



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Kovo is a clearly a sneakerhead. How else to describe a person who runs @1000sneakers? He has a lot of creative projects in Footshop. The most visible are the kangaroo sneakers with the KangaRoos and adidas brands. The annual release of adidas Superstar x Footshop is really a milestone in the Czech sneakers scene. PS: You could see and hear Kovo in the latest TheMag Talk on the theme of Nike Air Max Day.

Radim is in the starting line-up of The Streets, where he has the position of a Point Guard. He also shares his team's jersey with The Mag and scores on his own with his own podcasts and zine the Tradeshow. He’s also an OG of the local sneaker scene. He can send not only praise but also harsh criticism to our Score & Order. Follow @radimstezka.
It's finally here, we're revealing the real identity of Honza from Footshop. Honza is a boy of flesh and blood who writes for Footshop, The Mag or Dr. Weed. He has been forming a close relationship with his beloved community since 2015, when he decided to quit sports and through the website he began to devote himself fully to what his favourite MCs were constantly raping about in his headphones. Follow @honzisko_n.
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