Score & Order 5/21

3 + 1 sneakers will be rated today. We have something for the summer, something from the archives, and Dunks, because nowadays there isn’t any recipe for oatmeal on the Internet that would not include Dunks. They are simply everywhere, so we won’t forget them either.

Don't forget to monitor the overall score of individual releases, because today we’ll once again see that a hype release does not automatically guarantee success in everyone’s eyes. And that a general release can surprisingly get a high score.


Nike SB Dunk High Pro Ishod Wair x Magnus Walker

👉🏻 DH7683-100

Are the Nike SB Dunk High Pro Ishod Wair x Magnus Walker captivating sneakers?

RADIM: 7/10

Yes, they are. Even though the secondary market is dominated by low Dunks, even more so NSW versions, but these high SBs are great. Different target customer than the one who buys the Nike Dunk High Panda will buy these.  But if I had to choose between these two models, I would definitely take the SBs.


They definitely are for me, not so much for resellers. In my opinion, these are sneakers mainly for connoisseurs and for lovers of German sports cars and movies about them

BARČA: 8/10

Superficially at first glance definitely and the majority of people who’ll sign up for the raffles will want them mainly because their colours just work, the materials are combined more than well and also - they are SB Dunks. However, in my opinion, only the real OG's will catch my eye, and I would say that their hype would overtake any better processed OG AJ1.

nike DH7683-100



Nike Dunk High Fragment Design „Beijing“

👉🏻 DJ0382-600

Is there a reason to buy the Nike Dunk High Fragment Design "Beijing"? 

RADIM: 4/10

As DJ Khaled would say "Give thanks for the stamp". But as with the Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1’s, I'm a little sour about why these collabs with Fragment Design come about at all. Hiroshi Fujiwara is a huge personality, no doubt about that. But even these Dunk High didn't convince me that anything groundbreaking with the Fragment Design stamp would come out again.


Only if you are a super fan of the Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara, or the original release is just too wild for you. Otherwise, I would wait for his next collab with Nike, in which Travis Scott is behind the design wheel.

BARČA: 5/10

No, which also explains why you were able to buy them at Footshop just last week with a 30% off discount.

nike DJ0382-600



Nike Waffle One

👉🏻 DA7995-100

Are the Nike Waffle One the perfect sneaker for summer?

RADIM: 6/10

Waffle Ones are mainly a super affordable sneaker for people who would like the Sacai x Nikes, but do not want to invest CZK 10,000 +. Personally, I wouldn't wear them, but they are a great alternative for the fans of grey New Balance sneakers as the “Steve Jobs sneakers”.


I think they are well on their way to becoming that. I enjoy this silhouette and the breathable elements are a nice bonus. I recommend wearing it with bright, long socks. Definitely not barefoot, even if it’s tempting. After a few wears, they would be a weapon of mass destruction.

BARČA: 9/10

100% <3 Even though my heart has already been stolen by the adidas Forum 84 low for the summer, I must say that only a few general releases are as good as the Nike Waffle One, especially in the white colour. An airy, lightweight sneaker that doesn't make your foot look wide and is still really comfortable. Just one thing. Please mind your choice of socks.

nike DA7995-100


Score & Order Deadstock

NMD R1 Pharrell HU

👉🏻 BB3070


After a long time, adidas succeeded in a marketing sales move - to put to rest the most successful silhouette from the collab with Pharrell Williams for some time (even though in the meantime they were releasing one failed collab after another) to pull it out and take back at least a little bit of spotlight. But I would be careful in their place - a few releases may succeed, but if they start spewing one release after another, these sneakers can end up very quickly in the outlet stores again.


Definitely a thumbs down for me. I didn't enjoy "Humanraces" even then, and nothing has changed to this day. But if you happen to have some laying at home, they’re at least a decent investment.


I'll try to leave my Instagram bubble for a bit now. Since I keep on seeing them in the streets, I think it's still a relevant sneaker for ordinary mortals. Extreme comfort, versatility, and resounding artist in the name. What more do you want?

adidas pharrell BB3070


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