Sneakers of the Week by FlexDog - Puma Velophasis Phased

Do you also find that looking at the new Puma sneakers takes you back to the beginning of the millennium? And that's a good thing.

Trends from the turn of the last two millennia have been influencing current fashion and TikTok trends for some time now. If you haven't noticed Y2K outfits on the internet, you must be living under a rock. And if you're a fan, you'll appreciate one of the new Puma releases.

The brand presents the Puma Velophasis Phased model. A sneaker inspired by the trends of the 2000s. At first glance, it impresses with its combination of silver and neon as well as pastel colours from green and blue to pink and purple. The silhouette is complemented well by the running sole, which is sure to be comfortable both when walking around town or partying at the club. Moreover, the entire shoe is made of lightweight and breathable materials, so it already carries with it the hope of spring to come.

One of the Puma Velophasis models is already being worn by Skepta, who has parted ways with Nike after a long time. Based on that, we're guessing we'll be hearing more about this sneaker.

Release Date


Velophasis Phased

Product Code: 389365-03
Puma Velophasis Phased 389365-03

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