Size Charts Autry

How to choose a size?

When buying sneakers and shoes online, choosing the right size is quite important. Buying the right size shoes will prevent the process of returning, that most stores have for free today, but the true fan wants their sneakers at home as soon as possible.

Thanks to this guide, you will make the right size choice everytime. Each brand has a slightly different design and from time to time the brand will renumber their sizes. Then you no longer wear a 43 at Nike like you used to before.


Wear them as long as possible.

By choosing the right sized sneakers, you can also extend their lifespan. Most people choose the wrong size. IIf you buy shoes that fit you exactly to the millimeter, you are buying your sneakers half a size or a full one size smaller than you should. The shoes are then too small for you and the fabric parts can even tear after a while. On the other hand, if your shoes are too big they can also be destroyed unnecessarily quickly. The wear of a certain part of the shoe, which was not taken into account during its construction, could end up with a cracked sole or a creased toebox.

The lent of the insole is the key.

Your safest bet is to choose the shoe size according to the length of the insole because it is in most cases stated in centimeters. You can find the information on the shoe or on the box either directly in cm or under the abbreviation JP (in millimeters). The length in cm is and will always be the same, unlike the US, EUR, FR, IT, CHN, etc. sizing, which can be misleading because it is not standardized.

How do I measure the length of the insole?

To find out your correct foot length in cm is quite an easy task, just stand on a piece of paper and mark where your longest toe ends and where your heel ends. The line between these points is the maximum length of your foot. Remember that one foot can be longer than the other. So measure the foot, which you know is bigger. Alternatively, measure both of your feet and select the length of the insole according to the bigger one. You can add up to 0.5 cm to the length of your foot.



We recommend performing this measurement while wearing socks. And definitely measure your foot in the afternoon or evening, when your foot has had sufficient blood circulation, and therefore is a little bigger.

How will I know that the shoe model will fit me?

Different shoe models may have different designs, even though they are sneakers of the same brand. Some models will fit you like a glove, others may not. Take a good look at what the sneakers you want look like in a photo. If they seem too narrow or too long, but your foot is rather wide, there is a risk that a particular model will be to small for you even though you have chosen the right size. We also recommend reading relevant reviews for a specific model from customers who actually wear the shoes.


What does TTS mean?

Tts stands for True To Size. You will often find this term in reviews on some websites. You can translate it as "fits well". So it is safe enough to order sneakers in the size you usually go for.



Autry - Men

39 6 5 25
40 7 6 25.8
41 8 7 26.5
42 9 8 27.2
43 10 9 27.6
44 11 10 28.3
45 12 11 29
46 13 12 29.9

Autry - Women

35 5 2 22.5
36 6 3 23.3
37 7 4 24
38 8 5 24.5
39 9 6 25
40 10 7 25.8
41 11 8 26.5