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Axel Arigato is a Swedish brand founded by Max Svärdhem and Albin Johansson in 2014. At first glance, they may seem quite ordinary. But you will notice small details when looking at their sneakers up close. Thanks to them, the design is perfect. Axel Arigato entered the sneaker game with lifestyle sneakers and so-called "ready to wear" equipment. The brand is committed to sustainable fashion and is looking for local suppliers. These aspects are also appreciated by their supporters, and thanks to their shared values, a close community is created around them.

Classic and yet unique

Be the first to discover this great Swedish brand. Choose the elegant Clean 90 model from Axel Arigato in white, black or gray. Choose sneakers for every day that no one else has. Absolutely clean design stripped away from any visually disturbing elements. The beautiful smooth leather with hawk embroidery on the side of the shoe is exactly the delicately balanced design thanks to which you won't want to wear any other pair.


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