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The first orthopedically shaped insole from Birkenstock was created as early as 1774. And so began the history of the company, which aims to produce healthy, comfortable, and affordable shoes that are made by hand with respect to craftsmanship and sustainability. The mix of German quality hallmark together with a modern approach has moved them from the manufacturer of medical devices to the world of high fashion. And so the iconic sandals that have enjoyed incredible popularity in recent years have been created.

Black slippers for the entire summer

Black Birkenstocks are iconic slippers that you can wear all spring and summer. Thanks to orthopedic insoles, it will also be a healthy choice. Vasky slippers in black will also serve you well. So, it's up to you which silhouette and brand you decide on. The good thing is you can't go wrong with any of them. Any black pair will be suitable for all outfits for the sunny season. Get ready for the season of exposed ankles right now!


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