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White sneakers and shoes Dr. Martens

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Dr. Martens

You can go through all the revolutions you will experience in your life in one and the same pair of indestructible boots. The iconic Docs! Docs were originally an orthopedic shoes intended for work. Thanks to their resilience but also their appearance, they have won the hearts of many, across many subcultures. Yellow stitching, high lacing and more than 100 million pairs sold brought Docs to the imaginary Hall of Fame sneakers.

Ageless leather boots

Everyone should own at least one pair of the ageless and iconic Dr. Martens 1460. Ageless thanks to their timeless design and their leather finish. You can take care of leather shoes indefinitely and very easily. All you have to do is treat them with wax from time to time and all wrinkles will disappear immediately. It is important to know another great truth about the Martens. It takes a while for them to break them in for them to become comfortable. But the time spent on a breaking them in will be just a fraction of how long they will last you.

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