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Premium sneakers with a kangaroo and a pocket, where you can hide not only your keys and change but also some secret treasures. The brand has been focusing on sports shoes since the 1970s. From the 1990s to the present, they’ve also started to produce lifestyle sneakers, mostly in collab with someone who is highly regarded, such as Afew, 43einhalb, or EASYdoesit. The brand was founded by an avid runner Bob Gemm, an architect by profession. He made his own sneaker pocket because he didn't enjoy holding his keys in his hand while running.

NASA’s Moon technology is now available on Earth

Bob Gamm kept pushing the brand forward. He first founded the KangaROOS laboratory and, in collaboration with NASA, developed Dynacoil technology, which is inspired by the comfort of moon shoes. Later, the company decided to sell clothing collections as well, penetrating beyond sports equipment to streetwear. Today, it draws on its sports history and is one of the most popular brands with casual and sports fashion and sneakers.


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