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New Balance

One small chicken and its perfect stability when walking inspired the creation of the then still orthopedic brand New Balance in 1906. Around the 1940s, the offer began to expand with sports models of basketball shoes, running shoes and more. The greatest fame their sneakers achieved was in the period between the 70s and 80s when Jim Davis took over the business. In 2001, the legendary 991 came on the scene, which was, among others, adored also by Steve Jobs. Today, NB is a world leader, and their sneakers excel in the comfort they give you and a cool simple design, because the grey New Balance goes with absolutely everything.

Iconic 99x series from New Balance

The New Balance 99X series is an iconic affair and one pair of these simple and at the same time iconic sneakers should not be missing from your collection. The first model 990 was released in 1982. New Balance sneakers are well recognizable thanks to their strong colour combinations. However, in advertising or on posters, you often see only their classics in grey. NB is also known for its collaborations with brands such as Stüssy, JJJJound, Aimé Leon Dore or Patta. If such a limited release is approaching, you are sure to find it in our upcoming releases.


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