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Thanks to its long history and innovative approach, Puma is today a world-famous brand - one of the leaders among sports brands. Choose sneakers that are trusted by the brand’s ambassadors such as Neymar or Dua Lipa. Puma was founded in 1948 after the Dassler brothers fell out in a bad way. The other one now has adidas. Puma is famous mainly for the production of football shoes. But they also offer a fair share of athletics items.

Unique silhouettes for every day

One of the best-selling models from Puma is the RS-Running System. This originally running model is of course comfortable thanks to the advanced technology at its disposal. And that's why you'll want to wear it daily. The design of the RS sneakers carries a certain playfulness inspired by the aesthetics of the second half of the 1980s. Puma has been producing the RS model since 1985. At that time, the running "industry" was booming. And of course, you can see the influence of the 80s in the distinctive colour combinations in which these silhouettes are still released.

Classic silhouettes for every day

Just as Puma influences the development of sports sneakers and other equipment, it has contributed to the evolution of streetwear shoes. Their  Suede models are a great retro choice. If you are more of a neutral sneakers fan, then the suede silhouettes from Puma will definitely be right up your street. Minimalist aesthetics and muted colour combinations go well with any outfit. And that's why you can and will wear them every day. Better get two pairs at once!


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