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Vans has been the most popular skate brand since the 70s. Every other skate silhouette is based on the design of these sneakers. Van Doren's shoemaking factory was founded in 1966 in Anaheim, California by Paul and his brother James. At that time, their shoe models were numbered. The very first shoe sold was therefore model #44, known today as Authentic. It was followed by the successful model #95 - Era. And probably the most famous OldSkool, then #33. Thanks to their simple design and innovative technologies, Vans fans are some of the most loyal.

Perfect features and great timing

Thanks to the natural properties of the Vans rubber sole, these simple sneakers have become a skate necessity. The fact that skateboarding was gaining in popularity in the United States also helped. Their big breakthrough came with the iconic film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, in which Sean Penn starred in the classic Slip-on with a black and white Checkerboard.


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