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Environmentally friendly sneakers made from raw materials from organic farming. Sebastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion offer you stylish sneakers that are sustainable and comfortable. Kopp and Morillion have been friends since childhood. Together they founded the Veja brand (= look). The organic cotton they use to make shoes is grown organically and the farm staff work under fair conditions. They buy cotton directly from farmers in Peru and Brazil. The rubber fro their soles is also ethically sourced from the Amazon rainforest.

Organic love for Veja

No marketing for Veja, just organic love. Veja [vɛʒʌ] is one of the few companies that does not invest in marketing from the profit. Veja invests in innovative technologies and employees. The Campo silhouette is interesting in a gentle way by processing the leather, which saves water, does not use chromium and reduces electricity consumption. One of the best-selling V-10 models, it celebrates 10 years of love for nature and Veja. Choose your favourite model and colour combination and do something nice for yourself and the nature.


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