This Polish brand with a surprisingly wide selection of sneakers will surprise you with its affordable prices. More than five thousand products from almost five hundred partners will guarantee you will find what you were looking for.

Eobuv is part of fashion giant CCC and is among the largest e-commerce players in the region. They are opening a new hyper-modern store of the future in Prague:

“Instead of shelves with items, customers have tablets at their disposal. 3D foot scans can be performed on-site to allow customers to choose well-fitting shoes without the need for trying the shoes on."

The background of a large company gives this brand an advantage not only in the number of models that you can buy online and in the store, but also in a high level of logistics. That is fast delivery, easy return of goods and customer friendly attitude in the event of a complaint. In addition, they often offer limited releases such as Nike x Undercover and others.

The largestE-commerce player in the region.