An online marketplace where you can get authentic sneakers

Klekt is a European online marketplace where resellers offer original unworn products, called deadstock. A reseller will offer a product on Klekt and you can choose it and buy it. Before it reaches you, the Klekt team authorises everything. If it wasn't an unworn original in its original box or packaging, the transaction would not go through and you would get your money back.

Heiko Lanzke and Marius Obiegla came up with the idea to start Klekt in 2013. The official headquarters are in Germany, specifically in Cologne, to which a second location was added in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2021. The biggest advantage is that Klekt delivers worldwide. So you can afford to wear clothes and sneakers you wouldn't normally get to. Or get some grails in your size that you didn't even hope for anymore

Resell is your second and possibly last chance to snag that dream pair of sneakers or piece of clothing.