The most famous graffiti brand

Of course, it originated in Berlin, Germany. In 1992, Thomas founded a graffiti magazine called OVERKILL. Graffiti and streetwear are related topics. That is why Thomas later, in 2003, opened a shop at the Kreuzberg District. In addition to spray cans and markers, you can get sneakers and clothes from all your favorite brands as well as limited editions and collector's items.

A large part of the graffiti community are sneaker collectors. That's why at OVERKILL you can meet a number of them. Because they are part of the team. It is one of the shop's guarantees that you will leave with the best pair of sneakers, regardless of the preferred brand. We also guarantee that their parties are of a decent standard.

limited editions and collector's items

OVERKILL – Kreuzberg 36
OVERKILL – Kreuzberg 36

Köpenicker Strasse 195 A, Berlin

+49 (0) 30 610 766 33

OVERKILL Women – Kreuzberg 36
OVERKILL Women – Kreuzberg 36

Köpenicker Strasse 194, Berlin

+49 (0) 30 824 09 801