Queens is a Czech brand circling from its beginning around streetwear and everything else connected with it - urban lifestyle, graffiti and music.

You will find the current collections of sneakers and clothing from tried and tested players in the game such as Nike, adidas or Vans. As well as limited editions and exclusive releases here.

Queens is very proud of its tradition since 2002 and also how over the years it has developed from a secondhand of sorts to the largest player in our (Czech) market with an overlap abroad. Plus, they have grown to the three largest cities - Ostrava, Brno and, of course, Prague. But their greatest pride is their achievement of building a streetwear community, which was woefully small and fragmented at the time of their establishment in the Czech Republic. All this can be proven for example by their collaborations with Maxim Habanec or Yaksha.

Streetwear. From head to toe.