Take a look at a selection of comfortable sneakers composed of running models of top quality combined with sports sneakers.

Top4Running is home to all runners. No matter if it’s the city, track or trail, they’ll equip you with perfectly fitting shoes for your run. You’ll also find a massive collection of stylish functional apparel to make running even more joyful. The running shoes here are picked to suit your running style and your preferences. All with a professional approach and use of modern technology. The Top4Sport brand, of which Top4Running is a part of, was founded in 2010 and has only flourished since then. Every year, at least one milestone is reached. Following the Top4Sport, the Running and Fitness versions were set up. This was followed by the football eshop Top4Football, which was followed by a brick&mortar store in 2014. The store later became the most modern football "Mecca" in all of Europe. Not long after, they crowned their success with a partnership with the Slovak national football team.

After the expansion into the Slovak market, other European countries followed. 11TeamSports noticed this success and decided to join forces. Since 2019, Top4Running has been part of this group.

The joy of running thanks to modern and high-quality equipment.


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