20 reasons to buy the Nike Air Max 95 NDSTRKT


At the end of this article, it will be clear to you that the Nike Air Max 95 NDSTRKT are your next new sneakers. So read on.

1. You will most likely be the only one who has them.

2. They also work as a great door stop with the Nike logo.

3. You can take them to the renewed premiere of Tron or Robocop and people will think you’re wearing a costume.

4. In fact, you can wear them to any of the upcoming Marvel movies.

5. You will be over the top wherever you wear them.

6. No one will believe that you paid almost CZK 5,000 for them.

7. People will definitely ask you what these sneakers are.

8. And they will definitely not be able to understand you when you call them the NDSTRKT.


nike air max 95 ndstrk

9. The sneakers have reflective elements.

10. They are so robust that you can wear them in the snow. So, you are basically buying a winter shoe as well.

11. They are a homage to the Air Shake NDESTRUKT model. Basketball icons, which were worn, for example, by Denis Rodman.

12. So you’ll actually own the same sneakers as Denis Rodman, just with few vowels missing.

13. Their official release date was on December 30, 2020. And we should all have a memory that will remind us of that crazy year.

14. The "panels" around the sneaker allegedly cannot be scratched. Try it.

15. Imagine them in a mosh pit.

16. You will own a running sneaker in which you’ll have a chance to make a personal record when catching the tram.

17. There are plenty of them everywhere, so you can buy another deadstock pair whenever you like.

18. In fact, they look better than in the photos. So, the exact opposite of what you’re used to from Instagram.

19. You won't have an ordinary Air Max 95 OG "Neon" like the rest of the people at the party.

20. They are FlexDog approved.


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