Score & Order 6/21

Today, the jury evaluated the new friends & family adidas NMD or the new Nike Air Max Terraspace Plus. And they weren’t taking it easy on these new releases at all.

We could’ve rated Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott x Fragment today, but we didn't. Only time will tell if it is only an exaggerated hype or a sneaker that will go down in history. Instead, we let the jury take a look at one friends & family release, one collab and one eco novelty with a swoosh. Where one gives 3/10, another gives 8/10, so have a look at the sneakers and make your own opinion.

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adidas NMD S1 Friends & Family


FlexDog asks: What do you think about the adidas NMD returning in a new one?

KOVO: 9/10

In the first photos on Pharrell's IG, I thought to myself that it looked a bit like they were trying to catch up with AM hype, but the moment I held these shoes in my hand, these thoughts faded. After a long time, adidas presents something progressive, original and contemporary in the lifestyle segment, and as I mentioned, these shoes are really great in-hand. And as perhaps readers have already understood, they can soon expect an in-depth look at this pair on @1000sneakers as I had the honor of becoming one of the 100 chosen ones to own these shoes. 😊

RADIM: 7/10

I must say that as a refresh of the NMD silhouettes I find them great. Adidas, in my opinion, is trying to chase clout a bit with the F&F release so that this silhouette would sell better in future. Do I think that these redesigned NMDs will be as massively popular as their predecessors? Nope.

KAZI:  5/10

If I had to evaluate any other design of adidas NMD sneakers, it would probably not get a higher rating than 2/10. I think this silhouette should have been put to rest in the archives ages ago, so that it could be relevant again after five or six years. Even so, I have to admit that this limited friends and family version did work out quite well. They are definitely great for the fans of the three stripes, but to me they are quite average, I will forget about them in 14 days.



adidas nmd s1 friends and family



Nike Air Max Terraspace Plus


FlexDog asks: How do you rate this new shoe from Nike?

KOVO: 8/10

I've never really been a fan of the AM Plus shape, but I quite enjoy this variant. The additional TPU cage around the shoe gives it a nice depth and overall makes the shoes more interesting. I also enjoy the fact that Nike is increasingly transferring the sustainability aspect to various silhouettes, and in the final form they don't really look bad at all.

RADIM: 5/10

I appreciate Nike’s pursuit of sustainability, although it always seems to me rather as a marketing step than as a sincere concern. The sneaker is quite average, nice in colour, a few will sell, but no one will be very interested in them.

KAZI: 3/10

If I’ll forget about the NMDs in two weeks, I will forget about these GRs in 2 days. Too much plastic, too much hybrid, just mixes too many elements for my taste.


Nike Air Max Terraspace Plus



Nike Air Force 1 x Undefeated


FlexDog asks: Good or boring?

KOVO: 4/10

I really like the Undefeated brand, but in this case, it doesn't do anything for me. It is completely boring, and the synchronization of materials, patterns and colours is unfortunately too uninteresting, and it cannot be saved even by the logo on the heel.

RADIM: 6/10

Overall, quite MEH. Generic colourway, although made of high-quality materials, but in the long run rather a forgettable shoe. Betting on the AF1 silhouette as a sure bet is an overall smart move, but if the idea ends with this move, it cannot create an environment for a successful collab to be born out of.

KAZI: 5/10

The term "bricks" will probably be most suitable for these. Nike and Undefeated have done a lot of great releases together, even this year (especially this year's Dunks looks great!), But I don't like this colourway and material design so much. Probably the weakest release of the Nike x Undefeated this year by far.

Nike Air Force 1 x Undefeated



In this round, you got the evaluation form the following jury members:

In this round, you got the evaluation form the following jury members:


Kovo is clearly a sneakerhead. How else to describe a person who runs @1000sneakers? He has a lot of creative projects in Footshop. The most visible are the kangaroo sneakers with the KangaRoos and adidas brands. The annual release of adidas Superstar x Footshop is really a milestone in the Czech sneakers scene.


Radim is in the starting line-up of The Streets, where he has the position of a Point Guard. He also shares his team's jersey with The Mag and scores on his own with his own podcasts and zine the Tradeshow. He’s also an OG of the local sneaker scene. He can send not only praise but also harsh criticism to our Score & Order. Follow @radimstezka.


Kazi is a femme fatale of the Czech sneakerhead scene. She won’t say no to a good Jordan one and her collection of sneakers will be one of the best in the Czech Republic in the girls' category. Kazi also takes some nice pics, see for yourself @kazidko.


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