New Balance

Our athletic footwear goes the distance with you

New balance sneakers have always been comfortable kicks that help you with both a great outfit and the prevention of flat feet.

The brand started as orthopedic shoes, which, thanks to better arch support, offer the wearer more comfort. Around 1940, the offer began to expand with basketball, baseball and running models. And it was with the running community that the NBs enjoyed great popularity. As the only brand, they offered different sizes in terms of shoe length, but also width.

New Balance usually comes out in subtle colour combinations and their collaborations are never "crazy". They only promote their shoes. They also focus on undeniable comfort. In the 1970s, they even used a photo of a homeless person in an official print ad. He was wearing their famous model 320. This lets the brand know that these are sneakers for everyone. In 2001, they gave life to the 991 model, which Steve Jobs loved.

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