All sneakers, slippers and hiking boots that you can imagine in one place

Zoot is a unique combination of online shopping and classic retail. It takes the best of both worlds. Thanks to this, it has one of the highest values ​​of the customer satisfaction index in the world. On their website and in their mobile app you will find all your favourite brands. There is a total of 300 of them and you are free to choose clothes or sneakers from Puma, Vans or Under Armor. And of course the accessories necessary to complete the perfect outfit. This Prague based company has been operating since 2007 and since then, thanks to its innovative approach and love of fashion, which the team shares with its customers, it has skyrocketed and expanded far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. Zoot is innovative in the technological sense, as it constantly improves your online shopping experience. But also in the sense of retail management. One of the largest perks that Zoot provides to its customers is the services in their so-called Joy Dispensaries. Here you can pick up your package and you can try on everything right away. What doesn't fit you can be sent straight back to the warehouse and for free.

A unique combination of online shopping and and classic retail.