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Imagine a strategy based on a smooth motion forward. Add to that the love of design, success, and the confidence to choose your own path. Then you get Karhu. The brand started in 1916 with a sports shop in the center of Helsinki. You could buy spears, skis, discs and running shoes here. The shoes were famous for their lightness and flexibility. The name Karhu in Finnish means bear. The letter M on the side of the sneakers symbolizes the Finnish word Mestari, which means champion.

Fresh new white Karhu sneakers

Did you know that the famous three stripes used by adidas today were originaly Karhu's trademark until 1952? Maybe. But what only a few people know is that they sold the trademark to adidas for €1,600 + two bottles of great Finnish whiskey. Time to celebrate with a new pair of Karhu sneakers. Choose your favourite pair and find out who has them for the best price in your size.


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